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Customers Reviews

Together with some friends we booked this class with Cassey. Chinese cuisine is what we cooked, and completely recommend it! Cassey was super nice and very accommodating!🙏 She carefully catered to my vegetarian needs, even tho I was the only one with food restrictions, making the whole experience super fun for all of us. Recipes are easy to follow, she guides you through it all, and answers any questions you may have. When making the wontons, she took time to explain different techniques and provided great tips to improve our cooking skills. At the end of the class, we ate our meals in the kitchen. Laughter and good mood filled the room, food was plentiful that we all got to take some home to share with our families. 💚 We will definitely book another class again!😃
Joy Contreras Henri
Igår gjorde vi noe helt nytt. Jarle og jeg var med på et matlagingskurs 👍👏👏 Det var sjukt moro og vi stooorkoste oss. Tok ca 3 timer. Vi lagde Malaysias nasjonalrett Nasi Lemak og sagopudding til dessert. Vi var hjemme hos familien Shaman på Hovseter. Cassandra hadde handlet alle ingrediensene på forhånd. I tillegg til selvematlagingen lærte vi mye om både kulturen og ikke minst tips og kjerringråd om bruken av de ulike ingrediensene og hvor du får kjøpt dem. Når maten var ferdig spiste vi sammen og koste oss i lag 🤗🥰 Hun var veldig flink til å undervise og forklarte alt underveis. Hun er varm og imøtekommende med masse humor hvilket gjorde opplevelsen enda bedre. Anbefales på det varmeste - dette var skikkelig gøy og utrolig god mat ❤️ Cook with Cassey heter hennes fb-side - bestill kurs nå!!!
Gitte Jakobsson
Did a class learning how to cook Indian food. Lots of fun, Cassandra is a great teacher! I would recommended this as a fun and interesting group activity!
Christina Eckhoff Skeie

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CookwithCassey is an online store selling Southeast Asian spices and Cassandra also runs cooking courses for those interested in the cuisine.

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