Cook´s Idea Kam Heong Paste 160gm

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Kam Heong Paste

~ Ideal to be cook with chicken, meat, shrimp, squid, clam, or other seafood. It can be used to fried rice as well.

~ Nett weight: 160gm/per~ Pork Free

KAM HEONG Fried Clam

Preparation : Fresh Clam -500g Chilli Padi- 2 pcs Onions- 3pcs Curry Leaves – 10pcs Seasoning:- Cook’s idea Kam Heong Paste – 3 spoon

Cooking Step:

1. Add 1 spoon of cooking oil and fried minced onion, chilli and leaves together with Cook’s Idea Kam Heong Paste.

2. Add Clam and fry for a moment, add 100g water and stew with covered.

3. Stir fry until clam is cooked with shell opened and sauce dried.

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Dried onions, Garlic Curry leaf, Belacan (Crustacean), Red Chili, Dried Chili, Curry Powder, Dried Prawn and Cooking Oil

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