Cook´s Idea Kong Poh Sauce 180g

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Kong Poh Sauce

~ Ideal to be cook with chicken, meat, frog, prawn, mantis prawn, fish fillet and squid

~ Nett weight: 180gm/per~ Pork Free

Preparation : 350g chicken fillet, some spring onion, onions, dried chillies & cashew nuts

Cooking Step:

1. Grill chicken fillet with mil fire until cookes,

2. Add spring onion, onions, dried chillies & cashew nuts

3. Add Cook´s Idea Kong Poh Sauce, stir well until dish becomes dry


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Garlic,Dried Chilies, Soy Sauce, Chili Sauce, Vinegar, Salt, Cane Sugar and Cooking Oil

Contain Soya products

Pork Free

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