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Sarawak black pepper is native to Malaysia and more particularly to the north of the island of Borneo in the region known as “Sarawak”.
This rare pepper is the fruit of the “piper nigrum” species.
It is very fragrant with an aromatic palette of woody notes, fresh fruit and citrus.

Ingredience: Whole peppercorn


Sarawak whole black peppercorns

Sarawak pepper combines the sweetness of these scents with the power of real pepper and offers good length in the mouth without overpowering other flavors. It is considered one of the best peppers in the world along with Kampot pepper.

Originally from Malaysia, Sarawak pepper has a protected geographical indication. It is usually harvested by hand using traditional methods. The harvest takes place once a year from April to June.

Sarawak pepper goes well with a wide variety of dishes. You can combine it with grilled meats, poultry, vegetables, fruit-based desserts, …

With foie gras it will be a sensation. You can grind it on a slice of foie gras or season your fresh foie gras before cooking.

It also goes very well with duck and we recommend the recipe for duck breast with Sarawak pepper which consists of making a pepper sauce with finely chopped shallots browned in butter topped with flour to make a roux and mounted in the sauce. white wine infused with crushed Sarawak peppercorns. When you baste your grilled duck breasts with this sauce, I’m sure you’ll think of us.

The benefits of Sarawak pepper:

In addition to its culinary virtues, Sarawak pepper has digestive properties and anti-inflammatory properties.

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